Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scrapbook jottings- 2

Like most journalists I used to maintain a scrapbook, of mostly book excerpts, news trivia, and drafts of features/ book reviews I did for magazines. Sixteen single-ruled school exercise books of jottings, scribbled in my shabby hand-writings that are at times illegible even to me. I drew extensively (wouldn’t use the word ‘plagiarise’) from scrapbook jottings for my magazine writings.

Streaking across women’ college : Sept. 1979: Page One bottom-spread in Delhi edition of Indian Express spoke of a group of college students, with their pants down, dancing in front of a women’s college on Delhi University campus on a moonlit night. The boys said they indulged in ‘a little friendly ragging’.

Streaking, as they called it, was first reported in the US on April 1, 1974, when students who stripped themselves marched outside the White House to “lay bare the facts about Watergate and get at the naked truth”. Since then the craze spread out among students all over. They have done it on bicycles, motorbikes, ski-slopes and parachute jumps. A 67-year-old arrested for nude strolling in Ohio reportedly told the police, “I’m too old for streaking, I was snailing.

Godse Vs Gandhi: A news item based on a Hindu Mahasabha press release (Sept.1979) said Mrs Sindhu Godse, wife of Nathuram, would oppose Mrs Indira Gandhi in the poll; and Mr Gopal Godse would context against Raj Narain. (UNI, Bareilly).

RSS denial:RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras denied (in the media at Ujjain) that he had said RSS could form a government at the centre in 10 years. As he put it, some people were out to malign RSS at all cost.

Fake shooting: Jacques Mesrine, 42, bank-robber, kidnapper, con artist, and French, lured a newspaperman to an interview, riddled him with bullets, and shot the proceedings in Polaroid. The pictures were sent to newspapers that promptly published them. The journalist involved,Jacques Tillier, suffered superficial wounds. . .

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